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Katie Holmes blows and Hollywood Scientologists react


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Hollywood Scientologists are confronted by the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes along with gobs and gobs of bad news about other cultists fleeing for their lives.

Then the cult called the police on me using false charges. The police handcuffed me without asking questions …

EX-CULTIST CHUCK BEATTY: Lady in reddish curly hair guzzling drink like a prop, Theresa Bettendorf, Alvarez (?), she’s a long term Sea Org staffer, like 30 years now. We need someone like her to defect and tell the last 30 years of the state of the worldwide churches of Scientology.

Theresa is part of the middle management dupes, and that was the
echelon I most belonged to, and for short periods I held higher echelon
jobs in the dupe staff kingdom.

If I could be there, I’d tell her, “Blow and tell the untold history of
middle management Theresa!” Who better to tell middle management
history, than someone like her!

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Movie Jack Reacher – Expose Tom Cruise Illuminati, Occult Devil worshipper Symbols NWO


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In this short Movie i show you some occult Illuminati Symbols in the Movie Jack Reacher a New Movie from Tom Cruise from the year 2013. We see a clearly 666 Symbol and a stag who symbolise the Baphomet. Thanks for watching.

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Eyes Wide Shut Ritual Scene


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When you watch this scene, are YOUR eyes wide shut?

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