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Oprah Winfrey Is A Satanist – Illuminati Exposed


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Complete List Of Celebrities Involved With The Illuminati:

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25 Responses to Oprah Winfrey Is A Satanist – Illuminati Exposed

  1. Zibusiso Mpofu

    so every black celebrity is now illuminati…yeah right just because she dosen’t believe what you want her to believe she satanist right?

  2. Gamyie NomNom

    Has anyone ever thought that maybe JUST MAYBE that the Bible was meant to be a guide/metaphor and most of the events didn’t occur?! That your supposed to read the book then use it as a headstart instead of quoting EVERY VERSE?!
    PS: I’m a Christian so…

  3. Shay White

    I am a follower of Jesus Christ.I love him, however I would love to admonish all people including christians to educate and edify yourselves, ALOT of you do not do that, have some common sense. Some of the same people who make these videos accusing persons of being satanists are either misinformed or wicked enough to want to keep christians in a stupid box where they remain foolish and unsuccessful in their lives. Please research Oprah’s life, God has been with this woman from day one……..

  4. Hazuh22

    And there is only one way to heaven and that is through jesus. He is upset people put their faith in a fake god as i said before but do not let her confuse you and if your ministry is following her idea find a new one and ask jesus to help you find a ministry that teaches the truth. Amen Glory to god. and know that jesus is the only way..

  5. Hazuh22

    When she tries to stir up the Jealous part of teaching.She is confused already and trying to spread that God is not a Confusing God and he is not jealous As in(He gots better clothes then me)type of jealous; First off God made everything so there is no way he is jealous in that way. He is Jealous as in you are idolizing fake gods Like buddah etc.She can’t even explain her theory correctly she is freestyling.u can tell by when she says”Umm”-Looks down-I know the true god and Jesus is my savior

  6. Mike Rogers

    So… Your argument that Oprah Winfrey is a Satanist is that her belief system is different than yours?

    Wake up, will ya?

    Oh, also, this just in. The world is actually round.

  7. megaprime1007

    I’m the demon? I don’t care what you think. Jesus knows that I believe in him. I have just prayed with a friend Paul Kidd. He has amazing ministries. He talks about how what you just said, “Once a Christian always a Christian” is NOT true! Jesus is returning. We all must be prepared.

  8. leretour23

    You made laugh so hard, you are not a Christian you’re the demon itself and no I don’t worship you. God’s sheppards are loveable not hateful. You haven’t found Jesus, Satan has created a new denomination and his followers called themself Born Again Christians. Once a Christian always a Christian I don’t need to be born again.

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