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Shyne Po – Diddy and the illuminati


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25 Responses to Shyne Po – Diddy and the illuminati

  1. Mavis Wiggins

    Puffy sacrificed Biggie. You noticed how Puffy was in the car with Biggie was killed, so was Suge when Tupac was killed. They both died in the hands of their so called friends.

  2. archangel1983dkb

    You sound all the way like me and all my beliefs…though i relaxed my beliefs for the angels around me…but i uphold this theory

  3. garyleothelion7

    P.DIDDY KILLED BIGGIE MAN WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL” P.Diddy would sell his mom if he thought he would get a good price for her ass,
    Diddy fag ass combs takes it up the poop shoot everyone know that so waist His fag ass”
    This gay ass mother fucker as sold enough people out that is why he’s were he’s at” Diddy is a sell out devil worshipping blood drinking cock sucking demonic QUEER.
    Why does P.Diddy always wear white when he’s sold his fag ass soul to a Demon years ago
    Sell out to Devil Diddy.Ha

  4. cummbest

    Game don’t diss shyne po he ddnt really diss k dot he was sayin u can’t call him better thn PAC or big this hip hop godfather was truly buried alive

  5. vv vn

    Tupac was asked to join Badboy records in 94 but declined that offer and was then setup by the man Known as Haitain Jack(Dexter Issac) who at the time was Puffys sercurity head. He was trying to break into music with Tupac signing with Badboy. Tupac took the setup as being Biggie and Puffys fault. This lead to the beef and then Puffy wanted him dead . So he hired people to kill Tupac. Which in turn Suge knight hired people to Kill Biggie. Thats why Puffy never put up 1 Mill reward for info.

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